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A few months ago I was introduced to For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a website that works kind of like an interactive bulletin board. You “pin” pictures of things you find on the internet. If this sounds like something you’d find fun or “pinteresting,” then you should create an account and get started. But let me warn you…it is incredibly addicting. You get on there and start looking around and before you know it, it’s 11:00 at night and you’re still sitting on the couch, wondering where your family is and if anyone fed them dinner.

Not that that has ever happened to me before.

Lately, I’ve been on Pinterest looking for autumn/Thanksgiving theme ideas. Sometimes I find food goodies, sometimes decorations and decor, and sometimes party ideas for fall-themed parties. But, naturally, as I started looking around, I found all these fun things I pinned this summer. I thought I’d share those today and then do an autumn/Thanksgiving Pinterest post later this week.

First, this is one of my favorite things! If it wasn’t so darn expensive, it’d be on my couch in a heartbeat. I say this all the time to Chris! ($99.00 on


When we finally went under contract on our house and we knew we would have a pool, I found these fun water pillows. Don’t they look comfy cozy?!?! Although, I can totally picture coming home from work and finding Lucy lounging on one and Molly lounging on the other, just floating around the pool. ($249.95 at Brookstone)


I also found this when I was looking around for backyard ideas this summer. We have an elevated deck in our backyard and so this idea is actually very doable and Chris and I are considering putting in a slide like this off of one side of the deck into a sandbox. I think the kids would love it!


So, with my new pool pillows and backyard decor, it seemed only natural that I plan an imaginary summer shindig at our new house. And wouldn’t this wreath be the CUTEST for a summer party?!?! Actually, you could use specific colors, like red and green, and make seasonal wreaths, too. But I love all the bright colors. So festive and summery!


And speaking of bright colors, look at this adorable Crayon letter. Isn’t that the cutest for a kid’s bedroom? I think I need to make one of these for Bean’s room in a giant “M.” Oh, who am I kidding? What I mean is that I need to find someone else to make that for me.

I ain’t no gifted crafter.


Of course, seeing those primary colors and big letters made me think of school, which led me to search for school ideas. Like this super cute bookmark! My students would love bookmarks like this! Wouldn’t you want to read a book with little witch feet sticking out of it?!?!


Then, searching for school ideas led me to poke around for fun fall ideas, like this really simple, really thoughtful party favor. Wouldn’t these be cute to give away to guests at an outdoor dinner party? We’re having some people over next week and were thinking about getting out our fire pit for s’mores. I might need to try these out…


See how addicting Pinterest is? One thing leads to another and another and another and before you know it, it’s 7:30PM on a Sunday and no one in your family has clean underwear for the week.

Not that that has ever happened to me before.

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27 Thoughts to “Love Pinterest”

  1. Four words: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Pinterest is so much fun, isn’t it? I’ve used it for almost all of those exact same things (except for maybe the pool thing – don’t have one), and more.. it’s a fun fun fun thing! I’m also happy to see some of the favorite things I’ve seen of your “pins” are up here..hehehe. (I wonder how long it’ll take before it’ll let us know which of our “pin friends” are also online – I see a pinning fest in our future… !) Happy Pinning, dear Katie!

  2. Beth

    I am so addicted to pinterest too!!!!! However it makes bringing work home difficult to complete because I just hit my stumble upon button to find more awesome stuff!!! my sign in is if you want to follow!

  3. LOL!! Yes, I know this well. I have the same obsession. Let me know your alias and we’ll hook up and I’ll follow you. I like to pin my outfits I wear and come up with remix ideas..

  4. Andrea

    I have been waiting to get accepted to Pinterest for about 2 months and still nothing! What did I do to deserve this?? πŸ™‚

  5. When I first heard about it I checked it out but didn’t really understand it’s usefulness until much later. Keeps my bookmarks folder uncluttered and lets me share my finds with my friends!

  6. After reading your tweet, I had a feeling a Pinterest post was on the horizon πŸ™‚

  7. I am purposely staying away from Pinterest because I am almost certain I would be immediately addicted. Blogging takes up enough of my time : ) But it seems really fun.

  8. jenny-bird

    Pinterest, hmm, I’m definitely going to be addicted. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! The deck/playground combo looks amazing. It also looks like it’s right up Chris’s alley. Keep us updated!

  9. Me too!! I could spend the whole day on there, seriously. My favorite use is collecting recipes I want to cook. Each week I sit down with my Pinterest and pull off a few new dishes I want to cook and put the ingredients on my grocery list. It has lead us to so many wonderful new dishes, that I actually REMEMBER to cook! All thanks to Pinterest : )

  10. Hey would you put up a link so we can follow you? I can’t find you on there for some reason : )

  11. Amy

    I only discovered Pinterest a few days ago and I’m terribly addicted.

  12. I am addicted to Pinterest! I think a colleague had introduced it to me. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas ever again thanks to this amazing website. I have found Christmas card ideas, decorating ideas, gift ideas, recipes, craft ideas for kids and more! Only one more thing on the internet to keep me there longer than I should be… πŸ™‚

  13. I love Pinterest. Thing is, I’m not crafty at all, but sometimes, I’m able to pull something small off if I try hard enough! ha!

  14. Yes, I too have fallen victim to Pinterest addiction. I will say though that eventually it wears off and you start to spend less and less time there. At least, that’s the way it was for me after about three months. I have amassed an awesome collection of pins though, and I’ve actually done some of the crafts, made lots of the recipes, and even did a DIY home improvement project–so I can justify my hours spent pinning! Also, I’ve really discovered what kind of taste I have in home decor and have tons of ideas. I’d love to follow you!

  15. Carlene

    I just got on a month or two ago, and my husband is annoyed that there’s ALWAYS a tab open with Pinterest on our shared computer. I’d love to follow you, can you put up a link to your boards?

  16. I’ve been avoiding that place because the last thing I need is another reason to avoid housework but I think I’m going to have to sign up… right now.

  17. I put it off for quite a while and finally caved a few weeks ago. I’m obsessed! Love Pinterest.

  18. I just signed up this weekend. I haven’t gotten into it too much yet, but after reading your post I’m excited to try it!

  19. Amy L Butler

    I have been addicted to pinterest for some time now. I have actually made or done several different things off of the pins. I’m the same way about spending time on it too. I usually look at it before I go to bed, then I stay up way too late! It’s totally the place where semi-crafters unite! πŸ™‚

  20. Meredith J.

    I LOVE PINTEREST. I got so excited when I saw you posted about it today, let’s be friends! Tell us your name on there because it’s impossible to find anyone just by their normal names. πŸ˜€ I’m at work right now (yes, reading your blog… it’s a little slow today!!!) and all I want to so in Pinterest…. but I’m holding back. πŸ˜€

  21. Cindy

    I learned about PINTEREST from The Glamorous Life of A Housewife blog and have LOVED it ever since. I do spend a long time on this site from time to time but it just is so fun to look up ways to decorate, foods to cook, and things to do.

  22. Marjorie

    I got introduced to pinterest through you (thank you!). I spent many hours this summer and this school year (while I’m “writing” lesson plans) clicking new pages to look at all the prettiness. I just started my own account (I have a total of three pictures, lol). I love pinterest, but my number one internet addiction is still your blog!

  23. Sarah

    Yeah, Katie. You gotta tell your fellow pinners how we can follow you on Pinterest!

  24. Oh honey… And we thought “The Facebook” was the ultimate time sucker. Welcome to “The Pinterest”…see you in a week…or seven… πŸ™‚

  25. K

    I’m trying to join but was put on a wait list! WHAT?! Now the anticipation only builds…

  26. Pinterest is the best! I am officially addicted. I would love to follow you!

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