When Puffalumps Eat Puffs

Gracie is seven months old now (gasp!) and I started to panic because he daycare teachers told me today that she’s about to move up to the next classroom. In that class, they introduce a sippy cup at ten months old and they start on table food. It’s not that we are trying to hold Gracie back on purpose, but we really haven’t been working with her on developmental skills at this point. I mean, she’s only seven months old, so her skills are pretty basic. But the conversation about moving her up to the next class today made me come home and think hard about what we need to be teaching Gracie and things we should be trying with her.

When Bean was a baby, I was on Babycenter.com all the time checking his milestones. Making sure we weren’t missing something or lagging behind. With Gracie, I don’t think I’ve checked a milestone chart or anything like that since she was born. While I’m not one of those people who live and die by milestones, I do think I should probably at least check in to make sure Gracie is developmentally on the right track.

So, tonight I came home and while Bean was (not) eating his dinner, I put some puffs on her tray and let her get used to eating some kind of solid food. She was making some of the funniest faces that I had to grab my camera…

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19 Thoughts to “When Puffalumps Eat Puffs”

  1. Katie

    Girlfriend is like, “Momma, what are you trying to give me here?! This ain’t no bottle!”

    Such cute faces 🙂 Also, I love Bean’s conversation occurring the background. I love hearing little kids tell stories, as they are so serious about the content, even if you’re not paying attention. So sweet!

  2. Oh goodness–flashback to Jacob’s first encounters with solid food. He looked at me like, “Seriously? You expect me to eat this? What do you call it–food? No, thanks, I’ll stick to toys.”

  3. LOVE it. I love the puffs phase. It’s so cute when they’re like, “Wait, why is there something solid in my mouth? Wait, where did it go? What is this all about?” and then after a month, they’re total puffaholics. lol

  4. WHAT did you put in my MOUTH!? Haha! So cute! I loved hearing Bean talking about Woody and Buzz in the background:o)

  5. So cute! I loved hearing Beans conversation in the background and how he had all his toys lined up 🙂 Can’t believe Gracie is 7 months! Thats gone very quick!!

  6. Ha love her cute expressions, like she has no idea what to do with it

  7. First of all, she is such a doll!!! Second of all, as a person without kids that was really fun to watch. I’ve never seen a first exposure to something like that–it hadn’t even crossed my mind that it would be an adjustment. Too cute! Thanks for sharing and thanks for giving me a little more to look forward to!

  8. Amy

    Goodness. Cutest video ever 🙂 Your little family is absolutely delightful! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning 🙂

  9. Christine

    My favorite thing about this video is her little arms in the air the entire time.

  10. Mary

    Your children are so precious! Thanks for sharing. Gracie looks so excited, and Bean is just adorable.

  11. Those kids of yours are so adorable! I cannot believe it has been 7 months already!

  12. Margie

    So cute! Gracie did better with the ‘chewing’ and swallowing the puff than my Charlie does. He’s almost 9 mos. and still makes the funny faces and spits it back out half the time!

  13. I think Puffaholics pretty much describes my son now. He freaking loves those things and he loves feeding them to the dog even more. Gracie looks so cute. Won’t be long before she’s shoving them in by the handful.

  14. Emma

    Your kids are so sweet !! I loved hearing Bean’s little voice in the background 🙂

  15. ashley

    omg adorable. both of them

  16. Ok, I had to stifle my laughs with this one because Ellen is sleeping. I just love her face! What a sweet girl 🙂

  17. She is just too cute! (I love her onsie by the way, my daughter was wearing the same one today too:D )

  18. I love her faces! She is so surprised! Peanut used to make same faces when we first introduced her to puffs. They’re so funny

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