The Baby Front Carry

In my wise old parenting experience, I have found one particular baby holding position to be incredibly versatile:  the Front Carry.


The Front Carry serves so many purposes in life. It’s like the sandwich bags of baby holds. You can just do so much with it. Here are some of my favorite reasons to use the Front Carry:

1. To keep grubby hands off of me when I have to pick them up to take them to the bathtub for an immediate, emergency bath.
2. To keep grubby hands off of me when I’m dressed for work and they have peanut butter toast hands.
3. To keep slobbery mouths off of me when I need to keep my clothes clean and dry for something.
4. To hide my tummy pooch.
5. To distract crying babies. (I think the hanging thing distracts them and they stop crying long enough to think, “What the heck is going on here? How am I not falling?”)
6. To fend off people I don’t want to talk to. Babies are very distracting. Especially hanging ones.
7. To make my way through a crowd. No one will run into a baby, but they sure have no problem plowing into me.
8. To keep a dirty diaper from soaking through on my hip. (Please tell me I’m not the only mom who’s had this happen…)
9. To balance me when I’m doing squats. Or carrying a load of laundry. Or carrying a toddler. (NOTE: If said toddler is dirty and/or grimy, the parent may implement the illusive and effective “Double Front Carry.”)
10. To keep beach sandy feet from wrapping around me in a death grip.

Just be sure you hold on tight in the Front Hold. It can all go wrong very quickly.


P.S. I’ve lost my camera cord.  Normal photos will resume as soon as I find it.

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10 Thoughts to “The Baby Front Carry”

  1. Alyssa

    My son is 4 months old and we use this hold ALL the time. He hates facing toward us anymore- he wants to SEE everything. It stops him from crying too!

  2. Hmm…I have yet to try this hold! Maybe I’m missing out on something…

  3. Kat

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (I’m laughing out loud in case you can’t tell).

  4. I’ve started doing this hold with our 4 month old specifically for #8 on your list!

  5. I love your phone case – I know it has nothing to do with the training that goes into the front hold but I love it so. (Think holding child out a full front arm length going EW EW EW EW….clearly it takes major upper arm strength.)

  6. Definitely carried all three of my kids this way. It serves so many useful purposes and it was their favorite position.

  7. Dani

    I’m not a parent…but hook your arm under her bum, with your hand supporting it and voila, no pitching forward. I think it’s the easiest way to hold a baby.

  8. HeatherM

    Camera cord? Are you still using one of those old things? Ask for an EyeFi card for Mothers day- it will save you do much time! And time is money, so therefore it will save you money 🙂

  9. Yes! #5! We love the front baby hold. It distracts her so easily!

  10. Ha! The sandwich bag of baby holds . . . too good.

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