Brain Dump.


1. Kate is a shoe-flinger.  Her shoes are never side by side.  She just kicks them off as she walks somehow.

2. Gracie yells a lot.  Maybe just is going to be a singer?


3. Bean said Holy shit. Hope he doesn’t end up with my potty mouth.

4. Our computer is dying a slow, painful death.  I should fix it.

5. I had steak for dinner last night.  It was delicious.

6. I think Touch, that new show, is stupid.

7. I think The New Girl is the funniest TV show in a while.

8. I love and hate doing dishes.

9. I did 3 loads of laundry and left them in baskets to fold. They are still sitting there.

10. I need to cut my grass.

11. I need to vacuum out the pool.

12. The pool is amazing right now.  Refreshing and cool.


13. Someone hit my friggin mailbox yesterday with their car.

14. When I got home yesterday my mailbox and all my mail was in the front yard. WTF?

15. We had a torrential downpour at work yesterday and I had to dig a trench outside so the roof could drain.

16. I’m feeling really good about work right now. Things are going well.

17. I had board members back me up the other day and that felt great.

18. We are going to Atlanta next weekend.

19. We are going to a Braves game.

20. I love the NY Rangers.  Ever since I was little.

21. The Rangers are in the Eastern Conference Finals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (Awesome)

22. Kate is tired of watching Hockey every night.

25. One of our TV’s is broke.

26. Come to think of it, I need to get that fixed.

27. We painting Bean’s room blue.  He loves it.

28. Bean said Holy Shit.  Hahaha.

29. I love Morgan Freeman commercials.

30. Gracie is so stinking cute with her hair in pigtails.

31. I miss my boys in the NYC.

32. Heading to Gulf Breeze (our home town) the weekend after next.

33. Beans birthday is two weeks away!  He wants a Lighting McQueen birthday cake.

34. Kate likes to go into every room and turn the lights and fan on and then leave.  I hate that.

35. Kate has been running lately and she looks amazing, so proud of her!

Hot Mama

(you see how I did that)  🙂

Life is good.

Lots happening.

Happy Friday!

Thanks for letting me brain dump on you.

Peace. Love.


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11 Thoughts to “Brain Dump.”

  1. Kathleen

    You and the fam should come back to Turner Field to see the Braves on June 9. It’s Sid Bream bobblehead night! Coolest bobble ever! Also, how did a Florida boy become a serious hockey fan? That doesn’t seem geographically feasible.

  2. I’m a shoe-flinger, too, and it drives my husband nuts!

  3. Stacee

    Hey, her shoes are next to each other in the photo of her in the bathroom 😉

  4. Trish D

    I LOVE Gulf Breeze. Since moving to New Orleans…Gulf Breeze has become our getaway spot! With as much as we’ve traveled over the years…I don’t think there are any prettier beaches in the US than Gulf Breeze/Pensacola! Any ideas on dachshund friendly beach rentals/hotels???

  5. Kat

    34…my husband does this. I also hate it.

  6. Lindsey

    You guys are a cute family!

  7. Regarding 34: My husband and son (he can flip the light switch in his room from his bed) both leave lights on in every room. It drives me crazy! We just talked about this today! Regarding 15, 16, 17: I like that you love your job despite having to dig a trench! And it is always nice when the higher-ups value you as a staff member.

  8. Cute. I totally agree about New Girl! Best Show on TV! We just painted my 2 and a half year old’s room blue, and he loves it. My husband also loves hockey, but he loves the Dallas Stars and they haven’t been in the play-offs for… 4 years. The last time they were, I got really tired of watching hockey 🙂

  9. #7: I love New Girl!
    #8: I also have a love/hate relationship with doing dishes. Very weird.
    #9: John Michael does this and it DRIVES. ME. CRAZY. But then I can’t say anything because he can always come back with the fact that he actually did the laundry… ugh.
    #18 & 19: I can’t wait to see you guys!!!! Make sure to bring Bean’s Braves Jersey for the game (if it fits him?!) It’s going to be so much fun!

  10. Heather O.

    I want to see the Rangers and the Kings in the Stanley Cup. So far the Kings are in as of last night….COME ON RANGERS. Please note: I am a true blood Sabres fan but I have a soft spot for J. Quick and I just love hockey in general and hate summer because there is no hockey.

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