Fairy Sisters


Two of my favorite things have come together in this review: my sister and Disney. Really. Life doesn’t get much better than that. A few weeks ago, Disney sent me a special sneak peak at their new fairy movie, “Secret of the Wings.” It is a super, super cute movie. Even Gracie, who never watches television, sat through it.

The story is about these two fairy sisters: Periwinkle is a Winter Fairy and Tinker Bell is a Summer Fairy. In the movie, they can’t cross over into each other’s seasons because their wings can’t handle the changes in weather. But they eventually learn that as sisters, they can help each other so they can be together.

For more information about “Secret of the Wings,” be sure to check out the Disney website or the movie trailer. Even Bean loved the movie. Coincidentally, he is studying seasons in his class at school, so he really liked that there were seasons in this movie that he could recognize. He liked seeing the winter land with the snow and pointing out the flowers in the spring.

†My favorite part is when they explain how fairies get sisters. We all know that when the first baby laughed for the very first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about. So, fairies are made from babies’ laughs. But sister fairies are two fairies made from the same laugh. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

As a sister myself, I think this applies to more than just fairies. Sometimes, I think my sister and I were born from the same parents … wait a minute … never mind. Old news. But I do think that my sister and I share laughter these days.

From time to time, one of us will call the other when we are really missing my dad. And without fail, the other sister will cry alongside the other, but somehow in the middle of even the deepest sadness, we can make each other laugh. It must be something in our shared genes. Like fairy sisters, we share the same laughter.

It’s the wonder that comes with being a sister, whether you are born sisters or not. It’s the magic that comes with fairy dust and enchanted pumpkins. Having a sister is a fairy tale all its own.

Leave me a comment telling me what sisterhood means to you, and you will be entered for a chance to win your own copy of “Secret of the Wings.”

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44 Thoughts to “Fairy Sisters”

  1. Laura

    I love the bond my sister and I have together. Even if we don’t agree on something, we can still relate to where the other one is coming from. The icing on the cake of sisterhood is her kids-I love them dearly, like they are my own-but I get to send them home with her. Score!

  2. Laurie

    My sister and I could not be more different, polar opposites..We share the same heart, we always make time for each other to talk or face time..Even though she lives in a different state, I know she is always there..Its great.

  3. Katie L

    To me, sisterhood means having someone to share everything with…the good and the bad!

  4. Trish D

    I lost my sister a few years ago to ovarian cancer..only four months after losing my dad to a heart attack. Talk about a lovely year! I never thought we looked alike…until one day last week. I was putting on mascara and for the briefest moment..I saw Suzi in the mirror. No, I’m not seeing ghosts..I could just see the resemblance through my eyes. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her…I miss the laughter..inside jokes. I just miss her….terribly.

  5. Janie

    From the time I was old enough to understand what a sister was, I wanted one. I had a half-sister that I never saw and I yearned for that connection. When we were old enough to connect, she blamed me for being raised by my dad.

    However… In the time it took her to break my heart, I learned that sisters are more than just blood… My “sister” is someone I met my freshman year of high school. She is the person I turn to in my time of need. She loves me even if we don’t agree all the. Sisterhood is the feeling of completion when you’re with a girl friend. 🙂

  6. Meredith C.

    I think it is a bond. my sister is like an close friend we aren’t really close anymore (life gets in the way and we are both at different stages of life) but when we do talk or get together it is right where we picked up.

  7. I have three sisters and I know that sisterhood means that no amount of time or distance can ever change that. Having a sister is having a soft place to fall whenever you need one.

  8. Jen

    I can’t wait for this movie! I don’t have a sister but I have two girls and I can’t wait to see the bond of sisterhood between them! They already love each other so much it practically melts my heart! What a great idea! Love it!

  9. Vikki

    My siter is 13 months older, we don’t see or talk as often as we would like too, but, we will be in Puerto Vallarta together in three short weeks. I am SO excited! Love your posts when they include your sister and your close bond!

  10. Lindsey

    I don’t have a sister but I now have two daughters (3 and 1). I am so excited for them to grow up together, to support each other, share clothes and share friends. I am so glad they have each other! It is comforting to me 🙂

  11. This post was a sweet reminder of the significance of sisters. My dad had a stroke today, and it was just my husband, my sister and I trying to cope while my mom was gone. I forget how important she is to me, and how it is to share laughing and crying. I’m glad it isn’t just me. 🙂

  12. Meredith

    I don’t have biological sisters but I have 5 female childhood friends who I consider family. We grew up in the same town, went to the same school (most of us K-12), had the same teachers and most of us have traveled internationally (for months at a time) with each other. We email almost daily and try to get all together 1-2 times a year. Anyway, they are my sisters. For me, they represent a few things about sisterhood: a tie to the past with shared experiences, a friend always available and willing to talk, whether it’s a big life decision or a question about a recipe, and most importantly , unconditional love and support. Through career changes, family deaths, graduate school and 1000 miles moves, my ‘sisters’ are always there for me and when they need it, I am always there for them.

  13. I don’t have a sister but 2 wonderful brothers and I share a bond with them like no other. They are the sister I never had. I call them when I am happy, sad, bored. They are my best friends and nobody gets my jokes like they do.

  14. My life wouldn’t be complete without my sister. I am lucky enough to call her not only my sister but my best friend. Makes life easier when you have someone as awesome as her in your world!

  15. Margie

    I love my sister and wish we lived closer together and could spend more time with each other and our families.

  16. Liz McCracken

    A sister means always having a friend, or at least an accomplice.

  17. Sisterhood is an amazing thing, and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to be “real” sisters to share this amazing bond. I am fortunate enough to have two amazing sisters, and a few close friends that are also my sister.

  18. I’m excited about this new Tinker Bell movie! We love Tinker Bell at our house. Any time Ava is wearing green she has to watch Tink.

  19. jackie

    I admit that I never appreciated what having a sister meant until I had two little girls of my own. Seeing how they are one another’s bookends, I can appreciate how my sister and I are the same. What I took for granted before, I notice now, and I am so grateful for that.

  20. Sarah

    My daughter has literally been counting the days until this movie comes out! I am so fortunate to have two amazing sisters that are my absolute best friends. My daughter is an only child but has always wanted a sister and I would love to share this movie with her!

  21. Combining the two methods of entry:
    My sister is my best friend. We could not be any more different: She is an accountant with an MBA in accounting; I am a theatre professional with a Masters in Theatre Management. We have different politics, different aspirations, different personalities. However, despite these differences, we know that the other will always have our back. That is true love and I am so proud of her and she of me.


  22. Leah

    A sister means having a best friend even when they’re your worst enemy 🙂

  23. Erin

    Now having two daughters of my own, I see that sisters means having a best friend who knows you better than anyone!

  24. I did not have a sister growing up, but I have two daughters, and it is such a delight to watch them together. I now have a sister-in-law whom I think of as a sister…she’s the sister I never had. 🙂 I am very grateful for her.

  25. Laura Manning

    My sister and I were not too close, until we both had two boys, then a greater bond was formed…maybe out of a survival need 🙂 I also share a sisterly bond with two best friends that since my sister lives farther away, that truly are my sisters.

  26. Tracy

    To me a sister means having someone that will always be there for you even if you don’t realize it. But someday you will realize it and it will then mean that much more.

  27. Kathleen

    Sisterhood means being there for each other unconditionally

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  28. Cindy

    I don’t have a sister but I am a sister and so I feel like being a sister is being the one to take care of the others in the family. It’s being a little bit bossy and a lot of caring all put into one! I have a little girl that would love to win the movie!

  29. My sister is about 20 years younger than me. Yes, I said 20. We share the same father. She is a joy and delight to him. We share mostly the same stories even though we are miles apart and worlds away intellectually. The bond is irreversible.

  30. I wish I had a sister or a sister in law. I don’t even have a best friend that I feel like a sister with 🙁 So sad. I never cared growing up but as adult I wish I had a female that I was that close to. Now that I only have a boy and a girl I feel so sad for them that they will never have a sister (for my daughter) and a brother (for my son) but at least they have each other. I love my brother and my life wouldn’t be the same without him.

  31. My sister is 8 years yonger than I am and our relationship has gone through many different stages over the years. Now that we are both adults and our lives are probably the most parallel they’ve ever been, its hard to connect with our busy lives and living far apart. I wish we talked more, I wish our kids saw each other more often, I wish we were closer.
    Now i have one daughter and she is the only girl in our entire family. While I don’t think we’ll have more children, I often wonder what her life will be like if she doesn’t have a sister of her own.

  32. Caren Drink

    My sisters are twins, and they are very close to each other. Sisterhood for me has come via close friends who are there without question to share in joys and sorrows, who pick your kid up from school when you are late and tell you your jeans aren’t flattering. I’ve nurtured amazing friendships, and I think they are what sisterhood is about.

  33. Jessica Wright

    I do not have a sister by blood. But I do have sisters. My soul sisters are there for laughs and tears. No matter how much time and space may get in between us– nothing changes. Whenever the phone or door bell rings we pick up right where we left off; No matter what. =)

  34. Kerry

    I don’t have sisters of my own, but I do have twin daughters and I have seen unconditional love in them! That is what sisterhood means to me.

  35. Irina

    I have five sisters (and 1 brother). My sisters are my best friends that I have. My older one and I share our experiences from marriage and having a baby together. With my younger ones, we talk about dating and college and life. Each one of them is special to me because they get me and I get them, nothing is as close as the bond of sisterhood:)

  36. Elizabeth

    I’ve always wanted a sister, but I ended up with only a brother. Sisterhood is something I feel like I’ve always missed out on. But that’s what best friends are for, right? Someone you can call at a moment’s notice who will go with you on life’s journey. I’m blessed with a wonderful best friend!

  37. Britni

    Sisterhood to me means someone who rides with you on the ride of life. They are there to laugh or cry with. There will be moments of frustration but also moments of closeness that you can’t explain. Unconditional love. And slaps of “come on, girl! Get your head out of your butt!”

  38. maria cantu

    having someone who knows you better than you know yourself

  39. Reba Toloday

    I love that even if we don’t talk or see each other for a few months, once we get back together, we fall right back into that family dynamic of comfort and laughing that sometimes you just can’t get with a girlfriend.

  40. I don’t have a sister but I love watching my daughters and seeing their love 🙂

  41. Michelle

    I don’t have a close relationship with my sister, but I do have friends I consider sisters. They are amazing. I don’t think blood has anything to do with sisterhood! My daughter wishes Tink were her sister!

  42. Unconditional love and support share between your closest female family and friends is sisterhood

  43. Betty C

    I’ve seen how much my daughters love each other even though they had major fights as children. That’s what sisterhood means to me.

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