Toddler Gangs


Don’t be fooled by these faces.


They may look happy and playful, but they are really hardened gang members, capable of monstrous acts of rebellion.


They are the smallest members of the well-known, international gang who go by the name, “Toddlers.” And their specialty? Tag-team mutiny.


They are especially mutinous in the bathtubs. It starts innocently enough. One will splash once. Then the other will splash once. Then I’ll say, “No splashing.” Then they’ll giggle and stop. Then one will splash twice. Then the other will splash twice. And before I know it, there are BUCKETS of water all over the floor and my pants and the walls.

This is the worst offender:


This child will wait until everything is calm and I have cleaned up their splashes and bath time is almost over and then she’ll give this wild, native cry and splash like a maniac.


And then her co-conspirator joins in and it all begins again.


Toddler gangs. They’re real, people. They’re real.


It’s a good thing I have my partner in crime. He’s got my back.

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7 Thoughts to “Toddler Gangs”

  1. We have a hard enough time bathing one toddler. I salute you for surviving two!

  2. I was just about to say the same as Jen! We’ve another little one coming in April when my son will be 2.5 – am thinking we’ll probably have some of these kinds of battles to come! Is it crazy that I’m looking forward to it?! 🙂

  3. kirsten

    I can’t believe those sweet, innocent faces can wreck such havoc!

  4. Stay strong, my friend. Don’t let them win.

  5. “There once was a girl who had a little curl / Right in the middle of her forehead. / And when she was good, she was very very good / And when she was bad she was horrid.” — My mom used to say that rhyme was written about me 🙂 Not that I was horrid, just very. . . willful. Gracie girl reminds me of that sometimes!! Thank God for partners in crime!!

  6. Jen

    Ok… This may seem a little off topic but what is the slide type bath toy that you can see in that picture of Gracie near the end. I am always looking for a new tub toy and from what I can see that looks fun.
    Ps props for doing bath time with two at the same time

  7. Kat

    Um can you and Chris get any cuter? I’m going with no. Anywho – I’m not big into splashing but I feel like it’s unavoidable. So we just line the floor next to the tub with a towel. The gangs are real…i believe you.

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