Things and Happenings


1.  There’s not too much going on in my life right now, and yet I feel all jumbled and out of whack.  So, my blog post today is going to be a random stream of consciousness.  Cause that’s how I am rolling this week.

2.  I went back to work today for the first time since December 22.  I was ready to go back.  I love a good routine, and I was ready to see my students.  It was a great day!

3.  The other day, I had to pop into a Christian bookstore for a present and Chris and the kids came with me.  They played in the Veggie Tales aisle while I shopped.  It was pretty fun for everyone, actually, and it was Chris’s first time in a Christian bookstore.  (Not that they are particularly noteworthy; it’s just a point of information…)  We get in the car and Chris sits there for a minute before cranking the engine.  “Hmm…” he said thoughtfully.  “I really thought there would be more life-sized Jesus statues.”  I seriously almost wet my pants.

4.  We hung out last Friday night with Bean’s best friend and her family.  We took the kids bowling.  It was their first time, and it was awesome!  We had so much fun!  The kids used these little ramp thingies and the bumpers, so they knocked down pins every time.  Gracie had a blast, too.  I either held her on my hip while I bowled (she actually thought she was bowling when I did that – super cute!) or I put the ball up on the little ramp for her and she got to push it off.  After a game, the kids got a little antsy, so the adults alternated turns taking them to the arcade while we played a few more games.  I think we ended up paying $1,000 for this tiny little Care Bears arcade prize.  Totally worth it.  Such a fun night!







5. Anytime there are streams in the sky from an airplane, Bean thinks it is Mr. Incredible. It doesn’t matter how much I insist it is an airplane, the is 100% positive that Mr. Incredible just flew by.

6. I started the latest She Reads Truth devotional plan last weekend. I kept seeing all these #shereadstruth tags on everything, and I finally got around to figuring out what it was. Turns out, it is a daily devotional website that offers various ways to connect to a devotional through electronics. I use the app, but I have also been to the website and I get their emails every day, just to remind me to check my app. I am six days into the Fresh Start, and am really loving it. The devotionals are short and practical, and I really like the team of women writing them. Very down to earth. I’m not a big Bible study fan, but this one is short and simple and easy for me to do.


7. I have two female students who come by my classroom every morning to check my outfit. Seriously. It started because during their class period (which is after lunch), they were always helping me get myself together. They’d help me tie my scarf right or they’d point out if I had something stuck to my shoe. It became an every day thing. In the middle of class, they would call out things like, “Mrs. Brown! You should add a broach to that dress!” Finally, I told them how much I appreciate their style, but they had to stop interrupting class. So, the next morning, totally unprompted, they showed up in my classroom and gave me the rundown on what I was wearing. Currently, they are trying to convince me to wear leggings and cowboy boots together. They are also trying to convince me to grow my hair in dreads (they are beautiful black girls with gorgeous, long dreads which I envy and covet). I think they’ll have better luck with the cowboy boots. Anyway, they start my day off with a laugh every day. Pure joy, those two.

8. Bean has been super cuddly lately. He wants hug after hug after hug and kiss after kiss after kiss. And I just can’t stop! He’s the best hugger in the whole world. Who doesn’t love little bitty arms wrapped tight around their neck?


9. We are making arrangements for my dad’s burial service in our hometown in February. Tomorrow I have to call and order a floral arrangement. All I can think about is the card. What in the world would I put on it? I think I’m just not going to include one. Isn’t it funny the things that our minds get stuck on sometimes? I think it’s just something for me to focus on that ISN’T my dad’s funeral. A card is much more manageable to deal with. Even a blank one.

10. This girl. Working nerves and breaking hearts since 2011.


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14 Thoughts to “Things and Happenings”

  1. beth

    can you imagine coming home to a life size Jesus everyday? wow, it would scare the crap out of me regularly. gives way new meaning to Jesus is watching you

  2. Bahahaha — Gracie is too much. Love her scrunched face when she’s picking up the bowling ball!! I sometimes do numbered lists when I can’t get my thoughts in order. Great post 🙂

  3. Kristin

    I love that you took Bean and his BFF bowling!

  4. SanDee

    When we moved into our house there was a not so great larger than life size mural of Jesus on the wall right inside the front door…needless to say, that was one of the things we painted over first. When the old owner knocked on the door a few years later she was really sad to see that gone…

  5. Mae

    Bowling sounds like a fun family event! I’m crazy envious of Gracie’s thick head of hair…my 20 month old would pretty jealous too. She loves playing with my hair…one day hers will grow thick and long, but for now we will settle for a mullet. lol And I totally feel you on the hugs! I think my little boy gives the best hugs – I CAN’T get enough!

  6. Bowling! What a fun family activity! I’ve been reading along with#shereadstruth on this round also. I don’t always remember to read each day, but I like that it’s easy to catch up.

  7. I love Gracie’s Elmo shirt! I bought the same one for my niece for Christmas because she LOVES Elmo-mo!

  8. Ha ha. I totally relate to the student fashion gurus! In my school, the boys used to compliment my eyebrows or tell me it was time to get them done. They would tell me if my outfit was cool or not. Both the boys and the girls loved it when I had my hair blown out… “It looks fiiiiiiiine, Miss.” LOL.

  9. Kristin B

    LOL, Katie! Several of my 9th grade students check my outfit, daily, too. And after much prompting, I’m confidently rocking leggings and knee high boots with either a tunic shirt, or dress. As a curvy gal, I never thought I could pull it off, and if I can, so can you! : ) Consider it the ultimate compliment if the kids notice what you’re wearing! XOXO

  10. I signed up for She Reads Truth after seeing the hashtag everywhere myself but I, uh, have yet to read a single day’s worth. I keep thinking having a devotional on my phone will be really convenient and work well for me, but now for the second year in a row of trying it I’m just not sure. A friend of mine always posts beautiful snippets from it though, so I hope I can my act together to follow it!

  11. I love #7. You should encourage them to start a fashion blog.

  12. Boots!! definitely boots!!!

  13. Kat

    random stream of consciousness is my fav. 🙂
    ps- I’m dying for the stage where P wants to hug. Today she wouldn’t even say bye to me in the morning bc I couldnt give her milk this morning (post-bug non dairy diet) and she was mad at me. Le sigh….come on terrible two’s…please pass.

  14. Amanda H

    I wish I had someone to fix my outfits everyday. I work with one kiddo that is super stylish. I always tell her that I want to take her shopping with me to find me clothes, she thinks I’m joking…I am not.

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