Daily Dose of Tillman: Wednesday

“Oh, man. I smell cookies. Is that cookies? Do I see cookies over there?”


“YES! It’s cookies!”


“I bet Mom isn’t going to let me have one. Stupid no teeth. Stupid gums. Stupid gums with no teeth.”


“I wonder if Nana would slip me a little chocolate chip goodness? Isn’t that what Nana’s are for? But Mom is sitting right over there, and I know she’d never go for that…”


“Speaking of Mom, is she eating a cookie??? Is that a cookie in her hand??? It IS. She is eating a cookie while telling me I can’t have one. Low, mom. That’s low.”


“Wow, look at mom attack that cookie. She seems really involved over there. Now would be the perfect time for… Oh, NANA!!!! Come here and look into my dimples, you sweet thing…”


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