Y’all.  Something terrible has happened.

I have discovered Zulily.  And my life will never be the same.

My sister and my mom have mentioned Zulily to me before as having great deals, but my budget is usually a bit tighter than theirs and so a “great deal” to them is sometimes not so great for me.  BUT!  Zulily is for me, too!

I stumbled on it tonight when I accidentally clicked an ad in the sidebar on Facebook.  And my mind was BLOWN.  Seriously.  I am embarrassed to admit how many pairs of shoes I just bought Gracie.  So, I won’t admit it.  I’ll just show you the shoes that I “hypothetically” would have bought her.  And if my husband asks, this blog post never existed.

Look at these! I mean, I don’t even think Gracie owns anything that’s purple, but these shoes were adorable and only $7.99! Which means I will now go out and buy her purple clothes to match her new purple shoes. Hypothetically.


And look at these! She’s going to look like a little rock star! If Gracie were a shoe, I think she would be this shoe. So sassy! So complex! So adorable! She just had to have them! Hypothetically. ($8.99)


And since I bought her two pair of impractical sneakers, I figured I had to offset those with a pair of totally versatile and super cute sandals that would match everything she owns. Hypothetically. ($7.99)


And, of course, searching for white sandals led to an even bigger selection of white sandals. So, of course she needed these little ankle sandals! How cute are they???? Hypothetically. ($8.99)


Thinking about her little sundresses reminded me that I just bought her a navy sundress that she didn’t have any shoes to wear with, so I just happened to stumble upon these suckers. I love the pop of pink! It’s going to look great with her little navy sundress. Hypothetically. ($9.99)


And while I was looking at flats, I found these which serve no purpose whatsoever in Gracie’s wardrobe and matching nothing she owns or probably ever will own. But how does one walk away from leopard and pink? How, I ask? Hypothetically. ($9.99)


Here’s the great thing about Zulily. If you refer people and they join through your link, then you get a $20 credit when they place their first order. YEE HAW! Momma needs a new pair of shoes, y’all! Hypothetically. And they aren’t just a shoe website. They have children’s and adults clothing, shoes, accessories – even toys and furniture (though I found the best deals were on shoes). So, click my link, join up, and shop until you drop.

Hypothetically, of course.

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9 Thoughts to “Hypothetically”

  1. Sandy

    My son would grow out of his shoes before completely rotating through six pairs! =o/

  2. Casey

    Isn’t having girls fun?! Check out Totsy too. It’s very similar 🙂 http://www.totsy.com/invite/irishgrl45_6379345/
    I just hate how fast everything sells out! But the savings is worth checking it early in the morning to catch the fresh items!!

  3. cathy

    The only thing I want to mention is at that low of cost, someone did not make much money. Between manufacturing, marketing, transportation etc. it is hard to think that a living wage was being paid. I hate to be a downer, but as a believer in social justice, I have to consider this. Otherwise, they are very cute.

  4. Dessi

    I especially love the leopard shoes! And I completely understand why she had to have them, even if they match nothing. 🙂 I would check it out but then my husband would kill me!

  5. SarahP

    Zulily has an iPhone app. I’ve deleted and re-installed it many times in an effort to control my addiction. I totally understand.

  6. Kathleen

    I like zulilly, too. I’ve ordered a holiday wreath, kids’ clothes and momma clothes from them. My only caution: some vendors take FOR-EV-ER to ship their goods. So sometimes, it maybe more than a month before your order arrives. Frustrating. But good deals nonetheless.

  7. Beth

    my daughter (11) says she isn’t wearing dresses anymore but those maxi dresses are perfect for summers in texas! Can’t wait to get her a couple

  8. kat

    ive known about zilily for a while but avoided it due to my ability to spend insane amounts of $$ on things i dont REALLY need bc of the good price. then i subscribed. then i had to unsubscribe. due to above. help.

  9. kat

    also, check out totsy

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