The Once-a-Year Photo


Once a year, I want a picture with my kids.  Just once.  Just with the kids.  On Mother’s Day, when we’re all dressed up for church and looking pretty, I always ask Chris to take just one picture of me with the kiddos.

Following is what happened after I made that request this year:

Okay, here we go…


No, wait. Bean has powdered doughnut all over his face.


Okay, let’s try again without any doughnuts in the picture.


Gracie really wanted her doughnut.


Bean sees a lizard. And he has managed to get his doughnut back.


And now we’ve lost Bean to the lizard hunt.


So, for the third year in a row, I have a beautiful Mother’s Day picture…


…with my husband.

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7 Thoughts to “The Once-a-Year Photo”

  1. Ha ha ha ha! This is awesome. Hey, at least your husband was willing to sit around for a few minutes attempting to take a picture for you. My husband whined and complained about it until I told him he could just take it with a cell phone. And even then he took one quick one and walked away. I took a better one myself (a “selfie”) than he did. Pshhh…boys.

  2. Sonya

    I guess the picture with your husband is most appropriate since he did help you become a mother:)

  3. haha this is so funny and so true. I have the same problem with Sullivan. Toddlers.

    Great pic of you and Chris though 🙂

  4. ha! I just posted a Facebook status that said, “goal for Mother’s day 2014: take a picture with my children” I have YET to remember to grab my camera, hand it to my husband and take a picture…. and I’m a freaking photographer!!!

  5. Hahaha. I just realized I have no decent pictures of my almost-2-year-old anymore. One moving target is hard enough!

  6. ha! love it. mine look similar to yours…five shots in a row with the 2.5 year old making faces and pulling the babies arm off and the baby screaming. better luck next year?

  7. Ha, I love it! I have such a hard time getting Aubrey to look into a camera too. I can see it only gets better 🙂

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