This Week’s Happenings

1.  Early this morning, around 5:00am, Chris and I were woken up by this loud crash in our house.  Both of us instinctively jumped out of bed.  And then we just started yelling at each other because we didn’t really know what else to do.

“GO CHECK ON THE KIDS!” I shouted to him.

And then he bends down to Big Molly and yells back to me, “I THINK MOLLY IS OKAY!”

“NO!” I  yelled back.  “CHECK ON OUR REAL CHILDREN!”

Turns out, the shelving unit in my closet spontaneously broke in half.  Which you would think would be a huge inconvenience, but actually, it’s great because I have been asking for a new shelving system in my closet for MONTHS now.  I win!


2.  On Monday night Bean had a tee ball game.  I was sitting in the stands with Chris and talking to other parents when our coach called out to the crowd, “Do we have any loudmouth parents out there?”

Well, how could I NOT respond?!  So, I yelled back, “I AM!”

And that’s how I became the first base coach.  It was pretty fun, until one of Bean’s teammates got on first base, turned to look at me and said, “Why are YOU out here?”

“To trip you when you run,” I replied.  But then I threw in a half-hearted “just kidding” in case he retold the conversation later to his parents.

3.  The weather here has been glorious this week!  Warm, sunny, and just right.  The kids and I took advantage of it by going to the library today after school and then coming home and playing out in the driveway.  It felt like a little hint of summer to come.  As I sat there pining away for summer, I suddenly remembered…  SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #teacherperk

4.  Gracie finally discovered the concession stand at the ball fields.  They sell ring pops.  All is right with the world.

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5 Thoughts to “This Week’s Happenings”

  1. Erin

    closet systems are 15% off at IKEA this month! I’m redoing the kids’ closet right now too. Which of course means they get to have the nicest closet in the house… 🙂

  2. Lee Ann

    Funniest part of the closet photo: that poor teddy bear looks like he’s trying to climb on top of the pile and pooped out before he made it!

  3. Kelly H.

    The money I have spent on ballpark ring pops… Good thing they are cheap.

  4. Those blue teeth are great! Funny about the closet 🙂 I have wanted something to break before, it usually does not…

  5. Hilarious! One time a long way back when my husband and I were dating and he was still living like a college student, we woke up similarly in the middle of the night to a huge loud bang. We both sat straight up with our eyes bugging out of our heads, scared out of our minds, saying ‘WTF what that??’ Even though I was pretty convinced someone had just busted straight through the front door of his house and it was only a matter of time before they came barreling in to his bedroom and killed us both, I was too tired to do anything about it. So we went back to sleep until it happened AGAIN about 15 minutes later and we had the same horrified yet apathetic response. A few hours later, my now husband woke up out of a dead sleep and proclaimed – with the level of enthusiasm you might see when someone solves a murder case – “I KNOW WHAT IT WAS!!!” Turns out he had been moving some stuff under his bed that day and the bed risers must have been knocked askew, so the bed literally fell off the risers while we were sleeping. It wasn’t until that moment that we both realized the bed was completely lopsided and we were practically rolling off of it due to the slant.

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