Bad Religion

The other day, I was getting on to Bean for something.  I can’t remember what exactly right now, but it was probably for annoying Gracie.


So, I say to him, “You’ve got one more chance to act right and then I’m taking your Legos away for the afternoon, Michael.”

Without missing a beat, he replies in this snide little voice we have taken to calling ‘kinder-talk’ around our house, “God gives us as many chances as we need.  Why can’t you be more like God?”

My eyes grew as wide as saucers, my face turned red, and I’m sure steam blew out of my ears.  “BECAUSE GOD GIVES YOU UNLIMITED CHANCES, BUT MOMS ONLY HAVE TO GIVE YOU THREE!  THAT’S WHY!”


No more church for that kid.

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6 Thoughts to “Bad Religion”

  1. Bahahah that kid is getting too smart. Good response, mom!

  2. Hilary

    One night I told my first grader that because she hadn’t finished her dinner, she was not allowed to have a treat. With a look of pure innocence, she told me that her class had just learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and HE stood up for everyone’s rights including the rights of kids who should have treats if they ask for them. I told her she must have misunderstood the point of his “I have a dream” speech because it wasn’t called the “I should have a treat” speech. Still, I admired her tenacity!

  3. Maren

    Kids should be allowed to be attorneys…they’ll find the smallest loophole.

  4. Haha, you should have been like, God would have acted right the first time I asked, why can’t YOU be more like God?

  5. That is so funny!!! I will be sharing this post with some people that could use a smile!

  6. As a former Kindergarten teacher and new Mom, I laughed out loud at this. Oh, the faith of children…who believe they know it all!

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