Bad Mommy

Did you see me driving around town today?  No?  I was the one with the music blaring loud enough to drown out my two children in the backseat asking me 10,000 questions.

I know.  I’m a bad mommy.

But I can’t help it.  The questions!  THE QUESTIONS!  You guys.  The.  Questions.


Do turtles go to school? (No.)

Do cows go to school? (No.)

Do dogs go to school? (No.)

Do cats go to school? (What do you think?)

Can I eat this? (No.)

What’s that girl’s name? (I don’t know.)

What’s for dinner? (Chicken.)

Can we go swimming? (Yes.)

Can Big Molly go swimming with us? (No.)

Can I buy that? (Yes.  With your own money.)


Can you hand me that? (Yes.)

What are you doing? (Fixing dinner.)

Can I help? (Yes.)

Did Michael get a cookie? (No.)

Can I have a cookie? (No.)

Can I play with your phone? (No.)

Can I play with your iPad? (No.)

Can you read me this book? (Yes.)

Can we buy this book?  (No.)

Why is the moon out during the daytime? (It wanted a sun tan.)

Can I have a snack? (Yes.)

Can I have cupcakes for a snack? (No.)

When is Daddy coming home? (At dinnertime.)

Is he bringing me a present? (No.)


Can I watch a movie? (Yes.)

Can I watch another movie? (No.)

What are leaves made out of? (Trees.)

What are trees made out of? (Leaves.)

Can I give Big Molly a treat? (Yes.)

Can that squirrel hear me yell inside the car? (No, but I can.)

Can I get out of the (moving) car to tell that squirrel I have his acorns? (Nope.)

What are you doing? (Reading a book.)

Can you read it to me? (No.)

Can I read with you? (Yes!)

What’s this word? (Twirl.)

How do you spell stop? (S-T-O-P)

How do you spell yelling? (Y-E-L-L-I-N-G)

How do you spell Mommy? (Ignored this one.)


Where are my socks? (Where did you leave them?)

Where are my shoes? (Where did you leave them?)

Where is Mr. Bear? (Where did you leave him?)

Where is outer space? (Go ask your father.)

Do you love me? (ABSOLUTELY.)

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6 Thoughts to “Bad Mommy”

  1. Jen

    I always say Sullivan’s questions could crack even the toughest of criminals. They are relentless that’s for sure.

  2. Tabs


    All the questions…all the time…over and over and over and over again……

    I’m a bad mommy too. Glad to know it doesn’t end any time soon… (puts head in hands and reaches for a drink)

  3. Mel

    Ha. I don’t have any kids, but that would drive me CRAZY! I think you are an excellent mommy! 🙂

  4. Ann

    Monday I got “do Sasquatchs & unicorns sit on the toilet to use the potty?” … really? You’re 3.

  5. Sarah S

    It never ends. Today my 8 year old got out of the shower with a “mommy? do you know what the Iraq war was” (yes), followed by “can you tell me about it?” (…….crickets….. ). I mean, where do you start with that one?

  6. YES. YES. YESYESYESYES. My whole life right there. Also…it wanted a sun tan. CRACKING UP.

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