Adventure, Exploring, Laughing, and Growing

One of the things I did in the past year without blogging was to plug into my kids activities more.  One of those was getting involved in Cub Scouts with Bean.  He was a Tiger Scout this past year, and we have loved every single minute of it.



One of my favorite things about Cub Scouts is how family-oriented it is.  Our whole family participates, even Gracie, and that not only makes it Bean’s extra curricular activity, but really a family commitment.


Chris and I are the den leaders of Bean’s Tiger den, and we have absolutely loved it.  I have five boys in my den, and they are the cutest little beasts you’ve ever met.  The best part is that they all go to school with Bean, so he has really made friends in places that he might not normally without Scouts.


I also love that the families that are part of our Cub Scout pack have the same family values as our family does, so I know when Bean is hanging out with these boys, they are at least AWARE of right and wrong (whether they choose to go with the right over the wrong really depends on the day and the decision at hand… but kids will be kids).



This weekend, we are going camping for the second time with the pack.  Chris and I have always been campers.  In fact, I grew up camping throughout my entire childhood.  It has been so much fun getting to introduce our kids to the tradition, too.  At our last camp out with the pack, Chris and I sat back and just watched as the kids took off through the woods with a pack of boys and we smiled at each other as we heard their whoops and hollers bouncing through the trees.  Being outside, exploring, with good friends and family is one of life’s riches, simplest pleasures, and I have just loved getting to experience that with our kids in the past year.



These pictures are of our camping trip this past fall to a Boy Scout camp just outside of Orlando.  This time, we are camping along the beach and I am so excited.  Not only am I really needing a quick little getaway before my students begin their standardized testing next week (oy!), but I’m ready to get back out into the woods with my family and friends.





I hesitated to start my blog back up again because our family is so settled and happy right now.  Who wants to read about that every day?  My most popular posts were always from times in my life when I was really working through difficult things.  But in the past year, there has been very little unrest in our house.  I’m sure these blog posts are starting to get old to some people.  I would hate to hear from someone who was always running around with their arms open wide, spinning around in circles, singing, “I’M HAVING ANOTHER PERFECT DAY!”




And things certainly aren’t perfect in my world, by any means.  But I am so thankful for the place that my family is in right now.  And while I have my fair share of highs and lows, the same as everyone, the past year has brought quite a few arms wide open, spinning around moments.  And that’s just fine with me.


I’m sure life will catch up with me soon.  Tomorrow the ground could just give way under my feet and I could be facing something really difficult again.  But for now, I’m soaking up these happy moments of adventure, exploring, laughing, and growing with my sweet little family.


Babies don’t keep.

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13 Thoughts to “Adventure, Exploring, Laughing, and Growing”

  1. I am SO GLAD you’re back, and I love reading these happy posts! Posts about instability and drama might draw more views, but as a long time reader who remembers some of those posts about more difficult times… it’s really nice to read about joy. I hope you continue to be surrounded by “perfect days” 🙂 (and adorable Scouts!!)

  2. Krista

    Yay for Scouts! I have to tell you, my little cub scout just crossed over to full fledged boy scout and I cried. I loved scouts, I loved how family oriented it was and still is even in big kids scouts. My most relaxing camping is with the scouts and my son has and will continue to make life long friends, this kids are his tribe and I love it! ENJOY!!!

  3. Mrs.Petrie

    Glad you’re back. Love reading about your family, “perfect ” or otherwise!
    Helps take my mind off of my own troubles. :-]

  4. Diane

    I’ve been reading your blog since before Bean was born. I’m so glad that you’re back! I love that you share parts of your life with the rest of us whether things are good, or bad. Makes you real. Enjoy this season in your life right now!

  5. Monique

    So happy you and you’re family are doing so well! I’m also impressed with the sheer volume of posts since starting the blog back up! So, I’m happy you’re happy, and I can sure use some happy in my life right now! I’ve been diagnosed with breast cance last month (at 51 uears of age), and have been operated on last week. Now we’re anxiously awaiting the pathology results. But: I’m feeling really well, I’m healing, spring is starting ( even her in the Netherlands) and I’m sure I’ll be OK in the end.So again, thanks for letting me enjoy your happy times!

    1. Katie

      I’m so sorry to hear this, Monique. I’ll be praying for your pathology reports. Until then, enjoy that spring weather and use the sunshine to lift your spirits! xoxo

  6. Heather

    I am so glad you are back!!!

  7. Joanne

    I am so glad that you are back! I’m loving all of the happiness & JOY that is shining through your posts, in simply being with your family – its wonderful! While I was super sad that you were leaving the blogging world, I totally understood and respected your need to be with yourself and your family. I am so thrilled that you’re back to blogging – and look at all of these blog posts, its like Christmas came early!! I love your writing style and how down to Earth you are, with the same ups and downs as many people. Keep being you 🙂

  8. I’m thankful you’re back and sharing all the happy that’s going on with your family right now! My favorite part of blogging is recording our fun, happy, simple memories! And I love reading about what other families in a similar season as us are up to as well!

  9. Ruth

    I am so happy that you came back, and is great to hear that you are doing OK. Thanks for sharing

  10. Charlie

    Keep posting your happy days too! Thankfully, the good times are part of life and it is not always a struggle. I admire your involvement with the kids activities! You seem to have a great balance! Cub scouts looks like a blast! I might have to look into that for my son… Or me 😉

  11. Love that you’re in a happy place. It’s so nice to read stories of this. We all go through ups and downs, but the positive light reminds us it happens for a reason. I made a major job move last year and it’s brought a whole new level of stability and positive energy to our family. Thanks for sharing the real side of parenting and family.

  12. Nikki

    I would much rather read about how awesome everything is going for y’all! I’m so glad y’all are in a great place, and I promise it doesn’t get boring seeing some awesome pictures of the kiddos do fun things!

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