Summer Fail.

Yesterday was the first, real, official, full day of summer in our house.  I had big plans.  BIG PLANS.  I made a summer schedule, a summer bucket list, and a list of home projects I wanted to complete.  I WAS READY.

And then I failed horribly.




Here is what I did yesterday:

      • The dishes
      • The laundry (I just folded what has been sitting in my bedroom in baskets for two weeks now.  That counts, right?)
      • Cleaned out the refrigerator
      • Took Daisy to the vet (Spoiler Alert: She’s huge and healthy.)
      • Cleaned out my Tupperware cabinet
      • Went to the library
      • Made a Goodwill drop off



Not too bad, right?  Here’s what my kids did while I did all of this stuff:

        • Played video games
        • Played video games
        • Swam in the pool
        • Watched movies
        • Played video games
        • Played video games
        • Played video games
        • Went to the library (Gracie got her own library card – yay!)
        • Read a book
        • Watched another movie
        • Played video games
        • Swam in the pool
        • Played video games


I mean…  They read, like, a book.  That counts as a productive day, right????


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7 Thoughts to “Summer Fail.”

  1. Amy

    Since you’re a teacher, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the “summer slide” vs. letting kids have a brain rest during summertime. Days like this can’t be all that bad for them, right??

    1. Katie

      I am all for brain breaks during the summer (I’m also not a fan of homework, but that’s a different issue…). Teachers plan for the summer slide. They expect that to happen and we build into our lesson plans at the beginning of the year to reteach and get kids back up to speed. I think as long as kids are doing basic skills to keep their heads in the game (reading, a little math practice, educational games and apps, etc.), they are going to be just fine. Kids need time to refresh and restore, just like adults do. Personally, as a teacher, I can deal with the summer slide. It’s my JOB to deal with it. But I can’t do anything about a kid who is burned out by October.

  2. Monique

    It just takes time to get into summer mode! Also, it’s nice to to have to stick to pre-made plans during vacation time! Cut yourself some slack, it was only day 1…

  3. Every day can’t be a productive day in the summer. That is what summer is all about. You had a productive day and your kids had fun. They looked pretty happy based on the photos. Relax Mom and enjoy summer.

  4. Elisabeth

    I’ve got to say, I read your list of accomplishments and thought “whoa, her light day is WAY more impressive than days when I’m actually trying to get organized and check stuff off my list.” Give yourself a break. It’s the beginning of summer, you’ve got plenty of time. Some napping by that beautiful pool is definitely in order.

  5. Jenna

    Also – LOVE your above thoughts on rest and NO HOMEWORK.

  6. That sounds like a PERFECT first day of summer to me!!! Obviously you won’t want that to be the entirety of your summer, but a recovery day like that is awesome. In fact, I reckon you could “schedule” some of them into your summer plans 🙂

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