Why We Cancelled Our Family Vacation

I’m supposed to be camping in the mountains right now.  Did I tell you about that?  Back in March, Chris and I decided that it would be super fun to take the family camping just outside of Gatlinburg the first week of summer vacation.  For several weeks, I pinned every Pinterest pin possible (say that five times fast) about what to do with kids in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  I even came up with a little schedule for our vacation.

And then May and June happened.


I don’t know about you, but May and the beginning of June in our house has become the busiest time of year.  With the kids sports and extra curriculars all ending, team parties, den dinners, teacher gifts, end of year parties, Bean’s birthday, our anniversary, and every “Crazy Hat/Sock/Hair/Clothes” day possible for both kids (all of which inevitably require me to run to the drug store at 9:00 on a school night, by the way), and not to mention my own end of school activities for my own classroom and school where I teach, plus Chris’s work entering their busiest time of year with summer camps… Well, it is exhausting.

Plus, our family had been to Treasure Island on a little beach getaway over Memorial Day weekend, and then we had different family and friends over as houseguests for a solid three week period, with Gracie graduating and all the end of year celebrations taking place.  We were just burned out.


We were sitting on the couch after putting the kids to bed one night a week before school ended when Chris said, “Aren’t we going on vacation?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said.  And then we sat in silence as each of us thought about the amount of energy it would take to get our family ready for a camping trip.

“Have we paid for reservations and things like that?” he asked tentatively.  I knew instantly what he was getting at.

“Just the campsite, and we could get our money back if I cancelled before Saturday…” I hinted, neither of us wanting to be the grumpy cat who cancelled the family vacation.

“What would you think about…” Chris gently began.

“…not going?  That would be heaven!” I finished.

And instantly, we both felt a weight lift.


I’ve never cancelled a vacation before!  In fact, I’m very pro-vacation!  But it was so liberating!!!  I smiled for days!

So, we are spending our “vacation” week not doing too much.  Today we did rally and get ourselves out of the house.  We went to see a $1 movie at Regal Cinemas (check their website and see if they offer these near you – they are awesome!) (And, no, this isn’t a paid advertisement.). I slept through the entire movie. Like, heavy, dreaming sleep. My kids were embarrassed and kept waking me up. But I couldn’t help it. I must be catching up on all my missed sleep during the school year!


And then we went to Gracie’s tennis lesson which took place on the surface of the sun.  WHY IS FLORIDA SO HOT RIGHT NOW?!?!  IT’S ONLY JUNE!!!!!


Today we are going to swim at a friend’s house, tomorrow we are playing with Nana, and on Friday we are headed to the beach.

Not a bad little vacation, after all!

(Also, here is a picture of Daisy dressed up like a super hero. You’re welcome.)


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