Something I Love From People I Miss

During my last week at work, my wonderful boss and co-workers threw me the nicest, warmest, happiest going away party a girl could ask for.

My boss, the Dean of the school, gave the nicest little speech about how much fun we had had working together.  Made me laugh.  And then get all teary, of course.  Because its not a party until I cry.

And then he gave me the most perfect going away present.  On behalf of the school, he gave me a Pandora charm bracelet.  I knew several co-workers who had these bracelets and I had always wanted to start one.  And what a perfect occasion to begin such a great keepsake.

And my two bestestes co-worker buddies, Patty and Tara, helped the Dean picked out my first three charms, all of which represented my time at Yale.

First was a cupcake.  Because I might as well have had an office outside the cupcake truck that roams the Yale campus.

There was also a fat, little boy charm because I had Bean while I worked at the school.  He became the office mascot before he was even born.  The women in our office cooed over me during my pregnancy and rubbed my belly every chance they had.  And when Bean was born, they wanted to know everything about him, every time I came over to their building.  No detail was too small for them.  And I can’t tell you how much that meant to me because I was so far away from my family, who would have been asking the same questions had they been there.  It was such a warm feeling to have people to share that special time with.

And the last charm I opened was the music note.  And this one made me tear up all over again.  I worked at the Yale School of Music.  And before I started there, I probably couldn’t tell you the first thing about a music note.  After three years, I still can’t tell you the first thing about a music note.  But I have such wonderful memories of my time there.  And every time that little charm tinks against something, I am reminded of those memories and I always, always stop and smile.

This afternoon, I was working on the computer and my little music note was just a tinkin’ away against the keyboard and it made me pause, as always, and smile at the thought of old friends.  And it also made me drift on over to the Pandora website and start picking out charms I might want in the future…you know…in case Bean needs a gift to give me or somethin’.

The first thing I need are little bumper thingys.  See how in the middle of the bracelet there are these little tiny things?

These are to keep your charms from sliding all around your bracelet.  The charms have to actually spin around these in order to pass them, which sounds hard but is actually pretty easy for them to do.  So, my charms slide all over right now.  Which is really nervewracking because just yesterday my music note charm slid right off when I took off my bracelet.

To keep that from happening, Pandora has these charms that clip on these bumpers and keep your charms from ever sliding off your bracelet, all while looking so cute! They look like charms, but they are actually serving a purpose.

You can also get charms that are made of Murano glass beads, if you wanted to add a little color.  I think I’d like to keep mine all silver, but I have friends who have these glass beads on theirs, too, and they are really cute.

Or, you could go with the wooden bead charms.  I haven’t actually seen these before, but the wood is really pretty and they have several different types of wood online.

But I still think I’d like to keep mine completely silver.  Makes it a little more versatile, I think.  I found this charm to remind me of the time I moved to Florida and snakes began violently attacking my house, dogs, husband, and child.

(Have you caught on yet that I’m a bit dramatic in times of great trauma?)

And then I found this adorable baby stroller charm for whenever Chris decides to let me do as God commands and GO FORTH AND BE FRUITFUL, darn it.

Or there is this lovely little wedding bell for when Chris leaves me because I want 12 more babies and I have to remarry.

Or what about this cute little football charm because I have an unhealthy and unnatural obsession with college football.

And then there is this soccer ball charm for when I finally get to be the soccer mom I’ve always wanted to be.  Minus the homemade t-shirts with Bean’s name on them.

And then there’s this charm for when I finally get to go to my Best Friend, the Pioneer Woman’s, ranch.

See?  There is literally a charm for every occasion.

So, why am I telling you all about this right now?  Because Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you’re looking for a thoughtful, personal gift that will keep on giving, this is just the present for the mom in your life.  Just keep that in mind as you are shopping around…

Moms specifically love those bumper charms, Chris and Bean.  Really, really love those bumper charms.  Two of those bumper charms would make most moms – and especially THIS mom – really happy…  You know…  In case you were wondering…

This post is not in any way sponsored by Pandora.  I just like my bracelet.  A lot.

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21 Thoughts to “Something I Love From People I Miss”

  1. Bama Leigh

    What a sweet gift! I also have a charm bracelet but mine is the Chamilia brand. The Pandora charms fit the Chamilia bracelt and vice versa, so you could have even more of a variety of charms to choose from! (

  2. Kristin

    I LOVE the Pandora collection! I have always wanted one but, too, would have to rely on someone gifting it to me. Hmmmm.. .can you ask for mother’s day gifts before you actually HAVE the baby? 🙂

  3. Kim

    My sister has a Pandora bracelet. I love your sweater you wearing in your going away party!

  4. Kelly H.

    I have a pandora bracelet and I LOVE it! My hubby got it for me when we were dating and often adds to it. Glad that you like yours!

  5. I had a client give me a beginner pandora bracelet when I finished training her. I then looked through the book and found all the charms I wanted, which added up to about $6000. Massive fail.

  6. Awesome bracelet! I about fell over when I saw charms for $450 though! Wow, would that ever make me nervous having that on my wrist!

  7. I love my Pandora bracelet. If you stick with mostly silver they aren’t too expensive. I also have a few of the Brighton ones, they also fit it.

    Such a great gift because the charms aren’t super expensive and each one is a happy memory. Love it!

  8. I’ve always wanted to have a whole charm bracelet, with charms for all my life milestones, but I’m always too lazy to keep up with them.

    And is your flavicon new? I’ve never noticed it before, but I love it – it’s adorable!

  9. Jen

    I got a Pandora bracelet as a going away present too! I love it. Definitely means a lot to me. I wish I didn’t like the snake charm (because I HATE snakes) but the charm is actually adorable!

  10. Ella

    I also have a pandora bracelet. Mines silver as well although im putting mainly silver with gold charms on it – a bit expensive so i only have 5 at the moment. If your worried about loosing charms or the bracelet you can buy a safety chain which im going to buy(i lost one of my charms 🙁 What a great going away present!

  11. Jennifer

    I got my sister a similar bracelet as a gift for being my matron of honor and i get her a new bead for most holidays. For Christmas i got her my niece’s birthstone.

  12. My grandmother-in-law started my Pandora bracelet for me. It’s so special because one of the charms is a wedding cake, which she gave me right after my husband and I got engaged. I have more charms now, but still get on the website to scope out new charms. If only men read our minds and could think to buy those little expensive items without us asking! 🙂 Hope you are enjoying yours!

  13. I also have a pandora bracelet that was given to me from the family I nannied for on my 21st with the pressent charm. It is so nice to receive it on a speical occasion and to recieve charms marking even more special events. It’s been 4 years and I have yet to receieve any clips – maybe I need to take some hint giving tips from you!

  14. A perfect gift! I also *love* my Pandora charm bracelet, and the first thing I did was buy those little clips for myself. Sometimes a girl just has to buy herself jewelry. Especially to keep from going insane when the beads spin all the way around.

  15. What a great gift! So sweet, and something you will always have.

  16. Lisa

    I love my pandora bracelet 🙂 I received one from my mother in law. Did you know you can go onto pandora’s website and put together a wish list you can send to family so they know which ones you want? Its a godsend for my hubby and family when the holidays come around.

  17. I got a Pandora bracelet for my Birthday last year! I have a pink Murano glass bead (cause I <3 pink), a frog (my husband & I are obsessed with all things FROG), a shamrock (Irish Princess), an octopus (family nickname…), and a seashell w/gold starfish (I love the beach!) I also have 2 clips which are essential, you really need them Katie. If you’re interested in cleaning your bracelet without harsh chemicals or toxins check out my blog post on toothpaste as a jewelry cleaner:

  18. Jessica

    What sweet co-workers! But darn you, now I want one!

  19. Super cute!

    I love James Avery jewelry too. Farm Boy gave me a James Avery charm bracelet the day I had Q-Tip. I wear it ALL THE TIME!

    Such a great memory!

  20. Courtney Sloane

    That is such a wonderful idea for a going away present! I have a Pandora bracelet, and I love it. Mine is all silver, and I’ve been collecting the charms for 3 birthdays. I have gotten charms from my Mom & Dad and my grandparents for birthdays and Christmases. I love that each charm can mean something so special to each person. My favorite that I have is the owl, my Nana got it for me because my Great-Grandmother collected owls.

  21. I love that they threw you a party and gave you a beautiful bracelet! How thoughtful! I’m totally jealous. I got a few handshakes and a hug or two when I left Yale. Meaningful, yes–but it’s not jewelry!

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