An Evening With Our Family


A while ago, I posted a video that was a “day in the life of…” video. It took you through a day with our family one video clip at a time. Unfortunately, I was recording the videos that day using my iPhone, and it died at dinner, so there were no videos of the after dinner/bedtime rush. I ended up recording video clips that night using our Flip video camera instead, and I thought I’d share it with you today.

I am super curious about what real, daily life looks like in other people’s homes. Maybe that’s what attracted me to blogging in the first place. I love driving around looking at houses and wondering what is happening right at that moment inside. If you’re like me, then here is your curiosity fix for the day.

On this particular day, the kids had had baths earlier in the afternoon, so this picks up right after dinner time. The kids are already in their PJ’s and somehow we ended up sitting with our whole family on the landing in the upstairs hall right after dinner…

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10 Thoughts to “An Evening With Our Family”

  1. Christy

    Too adorable! Chris is such a great and silly dad and you act how I would imagine myself as mom (loving but sort of keeps things on track/moving along). I love that Bean has iPod lullabies and fun night lights to help him sleep. I want that for my kids! I love how Gracie prances. Is B going to get a big, big boy bed soon? Thanks for sharing. So cute.

  2. Your kids are so sweet. I had a bunny named Bunny when I was little, just like Gracie.

  3. Love. I am so nosey and curious about people. I drive Jacob crazy asking why people do things and how he thinks other people do things. We are buying a house right now but I still want to look at houses so I can peek in other peoples houses!

  4. Lindsey

    Loved it – bedtime is so sweet.

  5. Brielle F

    Y’all are great parents! I love how silly and fun you both are, while still instilling great values for Bean and Gracie. Thanks for the look into your lives!

  6. Liddia

    Do bean and Gracie always go to bed so easily? Please say no! 🙂 My four year old is a bear to get to bed at night!!

  7. nora

    I am so glad to see the dogs. I was wondering what had happened to your small dog.

  8. Andie

    LOL I love how Gracie’s like NOOOOO not my ear!! Thanks for letting us into your lives!

  9. Katie

    We used to sit on the stairs at night and say family prayers.

  10. Michelle

    Thanks for sharing the glimpse into your evening. Moments like these might seem normal right now but they are so precious and fleeting! My little guy is six months old and I’m doing my best to try and capture little moments like this once in a while because they just get so big so fast. I can’t believe Gracie is already in a bed- time really flies!

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