The End of the Line

This is my last week home with the kids before they head back to daycare next week and I start my official week of preplanning at school. I have mixed feelings about this.


On one hand, I am about two seconds away from dropping my kids off at some ranch somewhere with a kindly farmer. I think they’ll be happier with wide open fields to run around in. That’s what my parents did for our family dog, Buddy, when we were in high school. My mom swears he was wagging his tail and frolicking in the hay fields when she pulled away…  I’m pretty sure, though, that the Department of Children and Families call this “abandonment.”  And “technically” it’s against the “law.”

(…eye roll…)


Anyway, back to the kids. They are driving me batty. They are arguing with each other and with me.  They are whining.  They are bored.  Basically, they are tired of all the things we’ve been doing all summer long, like swimming in the pool and going to the splash pad. Even Downtown Disney has lost its shine. I think the last time I suggested we go, the response from Bean was, “No, Mickey isn’t funny anymore.”

Which is blasphemy in my house and I pray for his dreamless, heathen soul.


But, at the same time, I’m also really reluctant for summer to end. I’m going to miss having the kids around. I’ve had them with me every day, all day for the entire summer. They’ve become my little partners in crime and, for better for worse, we’ve been each others little herd for the past few months.

Not to mention that Bean starts preschool in two weeks. Someone bring me some smelling salts and loosen my corset! I feel faint!

I mean, look at this kid…


He’s not ready for preschool! He’s just a baby! Babies don’t know how to write their names or add numbers (which, by the way, Bean has started doing on his own without us ever talking once to him about math – creeps my creep in the most awesome way possible). How could this little baby be headed off to preschool in a few weeks?????


Someone needs to check the paperwork. I’m fairly positive there has been some sort of clerical error.

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6 Thoughts to “The End of the Line”

  1. It must be growing pains because these kids you speak of are BIG. Preschool! Hey, public school is free—it’s coming. Imagine the shopping…

  2. Preschool?? I remember your post around Halloween when you announced your pregnancy. Craziness, I tell you. Can’t believe it’s been that long. He’s such a big guy!

  3. Wow. Preschool already? I’ve been reading since about the days of the peepee teepee post. He has grown up crazy fast!

  4. Meredith

    Bean is so BIG! My goodness, I remember back when you were just a few months pregnant with him. Wow. Just wow.

  5. Wow! How is Bean so big? I have been following you since he was born and it’s amazing what a little man he is becoming. Hang in there momma. He will do great and you will all have a great school year.

  6. Suzanne

    I can’t believe Bean is ready for preschool already. That’s insane. It also means we’re getting older and me no like. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and seeing little Bean so small makes me so excited to meet mine 🙂

    Also, do you/did you watch Friends? You know what they say about animals going to “live at the farm”, right? When I saw that episode I immediately called my mom and questioned her story about bringing Wiggles (family dog) to “live at the farm”. She still swears it’s true and made similar claims to what your mom did about frolicking through fields and she even mentioned chasing horses. Though, I never actually saw Wiggles at said farm. So, there you go. I’m going to chose to believe it’s true though.

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