The Whooshie Coonin

For Christmas, my mom put a whoopie cushion in one of the kids’ stockings.  It has provided hours of entertainment at our house, and might be one of the best presents they got.  Even I think it’s hysterical when one of the skinny kids sits on it and a huge, deep Ffffftttt comes out.

They don’t know that you’re supposed to try and trick people into sitting on it, so they take turns blowing it up and sitting on it themselves.  Sometimes, they switch it up by blowing it up and then making me or Chris sit on it.  That’s good for about five minutes of straight giggles, too.

The other night, I was getting on to Bean and in the middle of my rant, he very stealthily lowered himself down on it.  Do you know how hard it is to finish a rant after the sound of a whoopie cushion?  One of my greatest parenting challenges yet.

My favorite part of the whoopie cushion, though, (I can’t believe I have a favorite part of a whoopie cushion…) is what Gracie calls it.  She says very clearly, “WHOOSHEY COONIN,” and it cracks me up every, single time!  Chris and I haven’t even corrected her yet because it makes us laugh so hard.  And she thinks we are laughing at the whoopie cushion, so she has no idea that she has said anything funny.  Oh, man.  It’s the best.

Last night, I finally got it on video so we could show my mom how much they love it.  I never want to forget her funny little voice, so confident and strong, pronounce, “THANK YOU FOR THE WHOOSHEY COONIN!”

I shared it on Instagram, but it’s worth a blog post.  Especially on a Friday.


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2 Thoughts to “The Whooshie Coonin”

  1. Diane

    That is the best thing I’ve heard all week. So glad you’re back!

  2. Kelly H.

    That is so cute!

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