BEANCAST: Stay at Home Mom?

Today I stayed home with Beanie because he was sick. When I first decided to stay home today, I was so excited. This was going to be a great day. Me and my sick, little Beanie. We’d cuddle on the couch. We’d watch old movies. We’d eat soup and formula. It was going to be awesome.

Unfortunately, Beanie had different plans. His plans included fussing, coughing, fighting sleep, and throwing temper tantrums.

I handled it the only way I knew how.

Which makes me wonder if I really would make a good stay at home mom after all…

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21 Thoughts to “BEANCAST: Stay at Home Mom?”

  1. oh you poor thing! hope beanie gets better soon!

  2. Jeska

    It’s not nice to mock your sick, crying baby! LOL

    Well, I hope he feels better soon and stops being so fussy for your sake.

  3. Sue V.

    This makes you a great stay at home Mom. You were with him, you were comforting him, you were keeping your own sanity. This coming from a mother who video tapes her kids fits and posts them to her Facebook page – they get upset and first, but a few days later they are asking to watch them. Plus it shows their G’ma, G’pa and Aunts that they are not always as sweet as they seem for those short visits.
    Hope Bean is feeling better soon.

  4. Love it. Sending the Bean good health vibes – hope he feels better soon!

  5. I love the honesty of this post! And the video made me laugh…lol.

  6. Jackie

    Poor Beanie. Hope he’s better soon. Give him kisses from me.

  7. You have got the stay at home mom thing down! I was one for 3 daughters and sillyness is what you need on days like that!
    A hint a car ride with soothing music is good for both of you too!

  8. HAHAHA. I have a very similar video that I took of my crying infant and sent to my husband with the message, “DO YOU SEE WHAT I DO FOR YOUR PROGENY???” Sick babies are no fun. Mine was sick a few weeks ago and it was the saddest little thing to see his face smiling up at me through swollen, red, feverish eyes. Poor babies.

  9. Jill Smyth

    Woman! My five week old can sleep through almost anything. No kidding. Just last weekend baby girl slept though an entire parade. Bright lights, crisp air, Shriners and marching bands. Three of ’em. A crying Bean? Eyes flown open like the startle of all startles. Aduction!

    We suspect it is because she too was born with an obscene amount of hair.

  10. Eileen

    You are a scream 😉

    We used to cry (wail) with the baby in the car, somehow it soothed her and we were getting the frustrations out!

    1. Katie

      WE DO THAT, TOO!!

  11. I LOVE this! It just shows that you have a good sense of humor!

  12. Ashley

    Bahaha this is hilarious!! I do not know how you kept from laughing!! Poor beanie!! Hope he feels better soon!

  13. Kathie

    I sure hope Bean was able to sooth you!

    Hysterical! Thanks for the laugh!

  14. OH MY GOSH. You slay me. That’s the sort of thing I secretly do when I’m babysitting but would never admit in real life. If you tell anyone, I’ll deny it.

    But really. So funny.

  15. Jessica

    Glad to see you are putting that master’s degree to work! 😀

    1. Katie

      Why, thank you! 🙂

  16. Sarah H.

    This made me laugh….and hey, they say if you’re not laughing, you’re crying….except you were…kinda…maybe you were doing both 🙂

  17. Sarah C. H.

    Ahahaha. I’d do the same thing too. I’m sure my mother did the same with me.

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