Eleven Months Old

On Saturday, Bean turned eleven months old.  We were at my parent’s house for the day, playing in their community pool with my mom and grandma.  We had so much fun that I hardly noticed what day it was.  But that afternoon when we got home and Bean laid down for his nap, my Mom mentioned something about starting to plan his first birthday party.

Holy crap.  My baby is about to turn one.

Month eleven has been so stinking fun.  It was such a “go” month for us.  First, Bean had his first Easter

Then, we went to the shuttle launch at 4:00 in the morning…

Then we got into a brawl at church group…

Then we went to Aunt Ginny’s wedding

And we stopped and visited our friends, Aaron, Lori, and Baby Porter on our way home (full post on that later this week, but you can read Lori’s version of the visit HERE)…

After that we went to the Disney character breakfast with our friends, Ann, Chad, and Nater Tater…

And the very next day we had our ultra cool photography session with Jenn Hopkins (this is a preview photo, more are coming soon):

We finally put away Bean’s baby swing

We went to our first Gator baseball game (post coming soon)…

And we ended the month at Nana and Granddad’s in the pool (post coming soon)…

April was all about adventures in our house and Bean’s age made it the perfect time to explore.  I learned about Bean that he is hardly scared of anything – a characteristic that is sure to make the next 10 years terrifying as a parent.  In situations where I wasn’t sure how he’d react, he was such a trooper.  At the shuttle launch, I worried he would be scared of the noise.  At Ginny’s wedding, I worried that all those strangers holding him would make him nervous.  At Disney, I worried he would be scared of the characters.  At the pool, I worried that he would be scared of the water.  But in all those situations, Bean took a minute to get his bearings and then a smile was never far behind.

I remember the night before Bean was born, I wrote a letter to him on this blog.  I told him the reason we were having a c-section was because he was sitting straight up in my belly, facing outward.  It was like he wanted the very best view possible of the world.  He was curious about all he was seeing and he didn’t want to turn head-down because he was afraid he would miss something.  Isn’t it funny now that we are almost a year from that night and Bean seems to have really grown into that curious little bean that he was in my belly?  I just love that about him and I know his life – and mine – will be full of adventures because he is so curious.

Because of all this new activity and exploration, Bean has no time or patience these days for meals.  He has cut back his formula intake by almost half, hopefully in preparation for starting whole milk after his first birthday.  And he is a complete mess in his high chair now.  Nothing stays in his mouth anymore.  Instead, he chews on it for a minute, then takes it out of his mouth with his hand and throws it.  He has also started feeding the dogs when he’s eating.  It used to be that he dropped or threw food off his tray and the dogs just happened to be there.  But now, he actually reaches over the side of his high chair and gently hands the food to the dogs.

Needless to say, a new development in our house this month has been the use of the word, “No.”

We have started saying no to Bean now more consistently.  Not that it matters if we are consistent or not.  Bean thinks no means, “I dare you.”  I try not to use the word too much because it really is becoming a game for him, but the kid is into EVERYTHING.  He loves the dog’s water bowls most of all.  He crawls into the kitchen and splashes in those bowls until he’s caught.  And you would think that with two of us home with him, it would hardly ever happen.  But at least once a day, I hear the pitter patter of little hands in the dog bowls.  I don’t know how it happens.  I have no explanation.  He also loves the drawers in the entertainment console in our living room.  He crawls over there, opens the drawer where we keep his movies, and pulls one out, waving it around until we put it in for him to watch.  Smart?  Yes.  Annoying?  YES, because we also keep remote controls in there and so half the time his little bear paw finds a remote and he starts resetting our television or DVD player.  It really messes up Chris’ little electronic world.

But he’s not just playing with things he can’t have.  His taste in toys is changing altogether recently.  He doesn’t really like his hand toys and small plush things from a few months ago.

His favorite things at the moment are balls and cars.  Anything that rolls, really.  And whenever he is pushing something around, he makes the engine sound, “Grrrrr….”  It is so funny.  We bought him his first dump truck and it was love at first sight.  I don’t think he’s put that thing down since we gave it to him.  Its amazing the happiness that $3.97 can bring.

He also likes toys that make a lot of noise and require him to bang on them.  He’s a big banger.  And the more buttons and knobs, the better.  These are the more expensive of his toys right now, so he doesn’t have too many of them.  But with his birthday around the corner, I think our house is about to get a whole lot LOUDER.

But what he spends the most time play with are things that he can put other things into.  I gave him an old formula box and he has carried that thing around everywhere.  He puts his binky in there and then takes it out about a million times a day.

With all the excitement and new interest in activity-driven toys, Bean seems to have slowed down a little – maybe even regressed – on his talking.  He was making all these noises and sounds and even saying quite a few words.  He could say mama, dada, bottle (ba-ba), ball, and other little things like that.  Mostly they were just sounds that he had associated with something.  But this month, all we seem to be able to get out of him is “da.”  Everything is “da.”  Usually, he points to something, we tell him what it is, and then he says, “da.”  I’m trying not to worry too much about that because I know that growth and progression happens in stages and that this is probably just a time where he’s taking more in, as opposed to sending things out.  But I do hope he starts talking again soon!

Standing and walking are just on the horizon.  We catch him all the time standing and playing with something, but the minute he realizes what he’s doing, he squats down again for safety.  I think the minute he gets brave enough to let go of everything, he’ll be flying around the house.  Though, truth be told, I’m not exactly encouraging that yet.  Momma’s tired enough!!!  But I don’t think it will be long now until Bean is walking through all these adventures we are taking.

Yeah, eleven months has been active and exciting and adventurous and EXHAUSTING!  But it is definitely my favorite month so far.  I say that every month, but I REALLY mean it this time!  He’s so much fun right now.  His personality is shining, his preferences are becoming more pronounced, he’s on the go and ready for anything.  He’s never been happier.

And neither have his parents.

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20 Thoughts to “Eleven Months Old”

  1. Such a cutie! He’s grown so much even in the past couple of months.

    Our little boy is doing something similar with his talking (and apparently I rarely said anything but ‘huh’ when I was a baby).
    I’ve read things that say they haven’t forgotten or regressed, they’re just focused on learning and using their newest skills. I’m sure once Bean figures out how to put everything together, he’ll be chatting all the time.

    It’s great that you’re all so happy. I love coming to this blog as a respite from the rest of the Internet. 🙂

  2. “I told him the reason we were having a c-section was because he was sitting straight up in my belly, facing outward. It was like he wanted the very best view possible of the world. He was curious about all he was seeing and he didn’t want to turn head-down because he was afraid he would miss something.”

    I’m in the exact same situation now – will be having a c-section a week from today if the baby doesn’t turn by then. These lines totally made me cry. I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but it makes a lot of sense and is charming to think about. I just chalked it up to a stubborn baby (which also quite possibly might be the case).

    1. Before I had my son I thought my impressions of his personality were maybe wishful thinking or just musings but I have been surprised at how accurate those impressions were. I ended up with a C-section because our babe is so laid back he didn’t get around to coming out on his own (at least before the timeline my gestational diabetes disctated!) Best of luck with everything!

  3. First the Disney characters and now a life-sized alligator? Do you really want your son to grow up liking to play with teenagers dressed in plush suits?

    I thought not.

    Unless you do, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Except maybe there is.

  4. I loved it! You made feel happy and excited!! I have a 4 months old and recently put away his bassinet.. It’s just hard to let go and understad they grow so fast!! Bean is so adorable! And I totally love to come back to check your blog, I’m actually sitting in the breackroom at work and spent my 15 min. Break reading!! 😉

  5. deepa

    One month to go! I can’t believe he will be walking soon… crazy.

    I heard about this toy you can make/buy called a “latch toy” (I think). It is basically a box with all different types of latches that kids open to get the whole box open. My friend made one for her son, since he likes to open so many things.

    He also likes to play with nylon straps (the car seat, stroller, etc), so she wanted to get him a toy with nylon straps. Needless to say, googling “nylon strsp toys” didn’t exaclty bring up the BRU page….

  6. Jen

    he is right on track for toy development. One year is the stage of put things in and take things out and also build things up and take things down. Tot towers is one of the great toys that I ever gave my son who is now 19 months and still loves it…Eeboo makes great ones! The latch box is another great idea or a shape sorter (Plan Toys Shape Sorters is great because the top comes off and on really easily). Can you tell that I work in the children’s toy industry!

    Enjoy the not walking a little bit longer. I couldn’t wait for my guy to start walking and now there are days that I would kill for him to sit for 2 minutes!

  7. Keri

    Holy crap. First, so cute. I can’t take it. I know he’s betrothed, but I really wish we could meet and we could discuss a new arrangement with my 11 month old? (did that sound stalkerish?) Anyway, could’ve written this post myself. Other than the cars, our babies are right in sync. From feeding the dogs by hand to pointing and saying “da” to everything! We are trying some sign language, since she’s starting to get a little whiney when she wants things now. She’s already picked up the sign for dog (patting the sided of your leg with a straight arm), and she’s so proud of herself. I’m sure Bean would pick up on that, too.

    Great job chronicling everything. It’s like you’re doing this for your baby and for mine. I’ll remember this when I try to fill in her baby book! Thanks so much. Enjoy.

  8. I’ve only been reading your blog since about Christmas time, so I wasn’t there when Bean was born or for the first few months but even I still can’t believe he’s nearly hitting the one! Where did the last half a year go? Don’t be sad though Katie, turning one will mark the start of another exciting year of fun times and new experiences for you, Chris and especially Beanie.

  9. As an alternative to saying “no” all the time, a phrase we liked was “Not for ________” Like when Reagan was grabbing make up and pulling it off the bathroom counter, we’d remove her hand and say, “Not for Reagan.”

    But yeah, NO is pretty much the word you’ll be using the most often for the next few years. And the one he’ll be using right back atcha!

    1. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

      I love that idea– I’m going to start saying “not for Riley!”

  10. Beanie is getting too big!! Tell him he needs to stop growing up, and stay 11 months forever! 🙂 My favorite age is between 6mo – 12mo. Best time!!
    In discussing why he might not be talking, I wonder if babies hear “that” and say “da” as a replacement. Like…. if you point to a ball and say to Bean, “What is THAT?” And in turn, he say “da”! (It’s THAT, Mamma. You just said it.)

    Just a thought. Hope your having a good Monday!

  11. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    Bean looks so adorable in the first pic– love the swim trunks and sandals– who says boy’s clothes can’t be cute!

  12. I agree that this age is a great one! they are becoming such little people but, for the most part, can still be pretty easily contained…sort of.

    for my sons first birthday, he was very much into balls at that point too, so i did a ball themed party. basically i got a bunch of inflatable beach balls in all different sizes and colors and threw them in the yard. I saved one ball and passed it around with a sharpie for everyone to sign as a keepsake. you could even do some food with the theme…meatballs, cheeseballs, popcorn balls, cupcakes decorated like beach balls. it was fun, even the adults enjoyed it.
    now i’m trying to come up with ideas for his 3rd birthday! it goes too fast.

  13. I totally know what you mean. I think every month is my favorite, but THIS ONE, I PROMISE, really is. 🙂

  14. Ella

    Happy 11 months Beanie! Im sure he will start talking again (then he wont stop!). Boys just love their cars, trucks and balls. My son is the same. Arnt boys noisy? But so much fun too 🙂
    What a busy month you have all had!

  15. Thanks for the link, lady! Man, your family has had a busy few months. Can you believe that Bean’s birthday is just around the corner?

  16. Sarah C. H.

    I can’t believe he’s almost a year old! It’s been so crazy watching him grow up through your posts. You have an awesome kid Katie!

  17. […] of Porter’s favorites right now is the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Workbench. It was a gift from Mamaw and Papaw (Aaron’s parents) who bought it for him when we all took a […]

  18. Such a sweet post…what a busy boy!
    One thing I’ve tried to do (not always successfully) with my kids is to tell them what they can do, to replace the “no” item. Redirect, or whatever. Put the positive in there, and then they are not hearing no all the time. 🙂
    He is such a cutie.

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