Gracie in Home Depot

Chris had to run to Home Depot this past weekend, and in the interest of creating quality family time, I insisted that we all go along.  This always happens.  And it always proves to be an epic failure for a few key reasons:

  1.  Chris takes forever at Home Depot.
  2. Chris doesn’t talk to us while he is there.  He muses things over in his head, or counts imaginary measurements out loud, or mumbles about things I don’t understand and no one cares about.
  3. Chris takes forever in Home Depot.
  4. The kids and I get really bored at Home Depot.  Most of the things we aren’t allowed to touch.  The kids aren’t allowed to climb all inside the rows of boxes and fun climbing stuff.  And I don’t even get good reception in there, so I can’t drown my boredom in Instagram.
  5. Chris takes forever in Home Depot.

I feel like our family outings to the HD can be sufficiently summarized by the following series of photos:





Family time is overrated.

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3 Thoughts to “Gracie in Home Depot”

  1. Hahaha!! Sounds a lot like my family! I always want us to be together and do everything together… but more times than not, especially at places like HD, family time is overrated. =)

  2. Amy

    This is totally our family. I always want to make Home Depot a family trip, and it’s always a bad idea. 9 times out of 10 my husband has to make a return trip because he couldn’t focus on finding what he really needed.

  3. Heidi

    You should go to Lowe’s! They have really good wifi!! Haha! We love family hardware store trips but it probably helps that my hubby and I are both engineers 😉 Gracie is hilarious!

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