Because Brothers.

She was so proud to show me her trick.Untitled

Untitled She never even saw him coming.


There are no pictures after this because Gracie was bounced off the float unexpectedly, flew into the water, and came up so mad she looked like a wet cat about to kill something.  So, I had to save Bean’s life.  He owes me one.

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2 Thoughts to “Because Brothers.”

  1. Lee Ann

    I’m two years OLDER than my brother, but those years didn’t save me from similar pranks … the time he put the squished frog remains in my Barbie case still rankles … but oh, the joys of having a brother! Too fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mine used to chase me around the house with things he knew scared me….the vacuum cleaner…the big growling toy monster truck he had. And I recall a lot of bodyslamming and trying out WWE moves on me.

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