Saturday Mornings

I love Saturday mornings at my house.   Usually, Chris gets up with Beanie so that I can sleep in a little bit.   Its lovely.   I lay in bed and sleep.   Or I lay in bed and listen to the two of them playing in the living room together.   Its such a sweet sound.

Usually they last on their own until about 8:00.   That’s when I roll over and find two faces peering at me over the edge of the bed.

“Mom, are you awake” Chris asks.   And then we all crawl in bed together and play.   Its really a perfect way to start your day.

Who doesn’t love a little airplane in the morning?

Or a few neck sugars?

What day wouldn’t be great when it started with a few snuggles?

But snuggling usually doesn’t last long early on Saturday mornings.   Beanie is rearing to go.   He’s rested, full, clean, and ready to play.   So, we yell it out until we are ready to start our day.

Cause sometimes you just need to yell it out, you know?

Yeah.   I love Saturdays.

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16 Thoughts to “Saturday Mornings”

  1. That last picture is absolutely precious!

  2. Sarah H.

    Cutest of cute!! Especially the snuggling picture and the last one….can we borrow him sometime? haha 🙂

  3. Sarah C. H.

    *dying from the weapon of mass cutestruction placed before me*

  4. So freakin’ cute. Ya, 4 months old don’t seem to last long in the cuddling department in the morning. . .

  5. these are desk worthy pictures. the “me and my kid are cuter than you and your kid, so HA!” pictures. the soft lighting makes you and Beanie look so peaceful and at ease. love it 🙂

  6. Beautiful photos Chris! Katie, saturday mornings look like magic with the bean.

  7. Lisa

    The more I see your adorable photos, the more I want a lil’ one of my own…I think my hubby might ban me from looking at your website 😉

  8. Kelly

    Great pictures. The last one is just too much! Definitely frame-worthy!

  9. deepa

    awww – this looks like weekend mornings in our house too:) josh would bring our 3 month old to the bed for a feeding around 6ish, and then we would all just play. it’s the best.

  10. Um, can we talk about the fact that you look super good on a Saturday morning with no make up? How is that fair? I would have to get out of bed, brush my hair and apply mascara, at the very least, before getting back into bed to fake some pictures.

    And of course Bean is as cute as can be.

  11. You guys are so cute! I love the sunggling picture – you look so absolutely content. Isn’t being a Mommy wonderful? 🙂

  12. Awww! I wish all of our Saturdays could be like that. No such thing since Hubby always works Saturday!

  13. Shannon

    Those pictures are absolutely adorable! It looks like a great way to start a Saturday!

  14. Tressa

    Precious! Absolutely precious! Those are the memories we are talking about, because 11 years from now…..Beanie may not want to snuggle anymore! These pictures are priceless! Thanks for making me smile, I will think about these pictures come Saturday morning!

  15. Melissa

    Love the pictures.

  16. Cute cute cute!! And how appropriate that he is wearing airplanes while playing airplane. So sweet. Love those neck sugars!

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